New Apps: GPU-L and CPU-L

iJR Software just released two new applications: GPU-L and CPU-L. Both applications are a list of GPUs and CPUs respectively.

Beginning with the first, GPU-L allows us to see the detailed specifications of all AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. as the working frequency, the number of cores, the amount of video memory, etc. In total, there are more than 1450 GPUs in its database ready to be consulted data, and new GPUs will be added as these go out to the market.

The second apicación, CPU-L, we can see the specifications of all AMD and Intel CPUs as frequency, number of cores, the sizes of the different levels of cache, among many others. In its database it has more than 3300 CPUs with their respective specifications, and when new CPUs to market these will be added to the application.

The two applications have the following common features:

  • Compare: compares two GPUs / CPUs
  • Favorites: You can unify in one place your GPUs / CPUs favorite
  • istory: You can check the GPUs / CPUs you’ve seen recently