Want to see our app on iOS? You can donate us a Mac

Hi, I’m Jorge Alvarado, creator and owner of iJR Software. We would like our apps to be available for iOS but because of the high cost of Macs (even second-hand) and the few revenue we have with apps we can not afford to buy a Mac to develop our apps for iOS. If you have … Read more

SoC-L Update 1.1.0: Added Allwinner and Broadcom SoCs

We have just launched the SoC-L 1.1.0 update where we have added SoCs from manufacturers Allwinner and Broadcom. In future updates we will be adding SoCs from more manufacturers like Freescale, Rockchip, Spreadtrum, ST-Ericsson, Texas Instruments among others. In addition we have corrected the bug that existed in the comparator that caused unexpected closures when … Read more

CPU-L Update 1.4.0: Added Configuration menu

We have just launched the CPU-L 1.4.0 update where we added the configuration menu that we introduced as a novelty in the recent SoC-L app. In the case of CPU-L, the configuration menu is similar to SoC-L and GPU-L, you can either change the order in which CPUs appear in the lists using different criteria such … Read more