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Do you want to mount a pc and do not know which processor to put it? Do you want to know the exact specifications of a particular CPU? With CPU-L you can consult the detailed specifications of all AMD and Intel CPUs and even those that have not yet been released. In addition you can compare up to 10 microprocessors specification to specification.


• 1500+ AMD CPUs & 3300+ INTEL CPUs with all specifications.
• 600+ photos of CPUs
• Benchmarks scores: compare the performance of CPUs
• Advanced Search: search CPUs using advanced filters
• Function “Favorites”: Add your favorite CPUs in one place!.
• Upgradeable database via Over-The-Air
• CPU comparator. Compare up to 10 CPUs!
• Offline operation, it is not necessary to have active Internet connection (Some functions need an Internet connection).



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Frequent questions

How do I update the application data?

Since version 2.0 of CPU-L data is updated via OTA and not every time the application is updated from Google Play. Normally the application will warn you by displaying a message that an update is available, but you can also force the update check selected by the “Check for Updates” option in the main menu.

Note: in devices with limited resources updating take a while to take place. If for some reason the update gives error, try to update again, otherwise contact us.

How do I compare different CPUs?

  1. To add a CPU to the comparator simply click on the icon of the balance:
    CPU-L: Add CPU to Comparator
  2. Once you have all the CPUs you want to compare (maximum 10 CPUs) click on the balance icon at the top of CPU-L (next to the icon the number of CPUs added is shown):
    CPU-L: View CPUs added to the Comparator
  3. Check the CPUs you want to compare and click on “Compare Selected”.
  4. To remove a CPU from the comparator list, simply click on the trash can icon.

Note: If you select 2 CPUs, the comparator “CPU vs CPU” will be displayed. If you want to display the “Multi CPUs” comparator when selecting 2 CPUs, disable the “CPU vs CPU Comparator” option in Settings.

How do I add a CPU to favorites?

  • Simply look for the CPU and click on the star to the right of the name in the list:

CPU-L: Add CPU to Favorites


Does CPU-L not work or stop working on my device?

  • You need to have an Android 5.0 or higher device with at least 512 MB of RAM.
  • In very rare cases, some custom ROMs (especially if they are not stable) cause the application to stop responding and close.
  • In any other case, contact us to solve the problem.

Does the Top 10 Popular CPUs list not update or does it occasionally?

  • The list is automatically updated every day and you must have an active Internet connection.
  • Often the most popular CPUs do not usually vary in position in the list from one day to another.


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  • German – Joshi2345
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  • Polish – Piotr Badełek
  • Portuguese – iJR Software Team
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  • Czech – Donator_HD
  • Korean – Juno Jung
  • Simplified Chinese – Darwin Lee

If you want to have CPU-L in your language, contact us.