CPU-L Changelog

v2.7.1 (02-10-2021):

• Minor fixes

v2.7.0 (05-04-2021):

• New specifications added: foundry, GPU FP32 Perfomance, I/O Ports, Networks and Cinebench R23 
• The app has been prepared for future hybrid CPUs (e.g. Alder Lake)
• Minor fixes

v2.6.3 (25-06-2020):

• Minor fixes

v2.6.2 (11-02-2020):

• Corrections have been made to the Portuguese translation 
• Bug fixes

v2.6.1 (29-01-2020):

• Added Turkish language

v2.6.0 (14-01-2020):

• Improvements made to the App
• Added Czech language
• Bug fixes

v2.5.1 (05-01-2020):

• Bug fixes

v2.5.0 (30-12-2019):

• New: Added dark theme
• New specifications added: cTDP and MCM (Multi-Chip Module)
• Now the connection to the iJR Software server is encrypted

v2.2.9 (03-11-2019):

• An internal component has been removed from the application that is no longer required

v2.2.8 (29-08-2019):

• Reduced App size

v2.2.7 (28-03-2019):

• Added German language

v2.2.6 (09-03-2019):

• Fixed crash on Android 4.x devices

v2.2.5 (08-03-2019):

• Added the Cinebench R20 benchmark

v2.2.4 (21-02-2019):

• Updated the internal database engine of the app: performance has been increased

v2.2.2 (16-11-2018):

• Fixed compatibility issues with Android 9.0

v2.2.1 (02-11-2018):

• Bug fixed in the new OTA update system that caused the application to stop working

v2.2.0 (24-10-2018):

• New update system: the size of OTA updates has been reduced by up to 95%
• The size of the App has been reduced
• The visualization of the Notes of each CPU has been improved
• Added support for Android 9.0
• Bug fixes

v2.1.4 (30-07-2018):

• Added Polish language

v2.1.3 (07-08-2018):

• Added Korean language

v2.1.2 (04-06-2018):

• Update to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

v2.1.1 (04-05-2018):

• Bug fixes

v2.1.0 (08-04-2018):

• Added the option "Language", now you can change the language of the application
• Added the option to report errors in the information of the CPUs
• Bug fixes

v2.0.10 (06-02-2018):

• Added specification "Unlocked Clock Multiplier" 
• Improvements have been made, now the different types of memory that the CPUs support are shown

v2.0.9 (06-12-2017):

• Fixed bug that does not display correctly the cache size of some Intel CPUs
• Added support for Android 8.1

v2.0.8 (29-11-2017):

• Added new specifications: Part Numbers, Core Stepping, S-Spec (only Intel) and detailed turbo frequency in number of cores
• Bug fixes

v2.0.7 (13-11-2017):

• Adaptations made in the app to show old CPUs

v2.0.6 (02-11-2017):

• Bug fixes 
• Some adjustments have been made to prepare the app to correctly display the information of old CPUs (8086, 80186, 286, 486 ...) that will be added in a later OTA update

v2.0.5 (23-10-2017):

• Fixed Bugs

v2.0.4 (13-10-2017):

• Fixed a bug in the search engine 
• Eliminated unnecessary elements to reduce slightly the size of APK

v2.0.3 (03-10-2017):

• Bug fixes

v2.0.2 (28-09-2017):

• Fixed bug: app crashes when initializing the database on certain Samsung devices

v2.0.1 (28-09-2017):

• Bug fixes

v2.0.0 (28-09-2017):

• New: Added CPU photos 
• New: Now the data is updated in the application via OTA 
• New: Added new comparator. Compare up to 10 CPUs! 
• Improved comparator "CPU vs CPU" 
• Redesigned interface 
• Optimized application 
• Fixed a lot of bugs