CPU-L update 1.3.0: Added PCI Express Info

In the latest update of CPU-L we have added PCI Express information on all CPUs. The added specifications are to PCI Express revision, the number of lanes and configurations of all CPUs.

As for the PCI-Express information we want to clarify that there are CPUs that do not have, that is, the PCI Express lines leave the Chipset instead of the CPU and that is why we do not show the PCI Express information in the app because each chipset that Has compatibility with the CPU can vary both the revision, the number of lines and the PCIe configuration. For example, in the case of Intel we have all CPUs with socket LGA775 and LGA1366 among others and in AMD all CPUs with socket AM2 and AM3 among others.

Finally we added a new menu in the CPUs specs screen that allows adding the CPU to favorites, copying the name of the CPU to the clipboard (useful if you want to search the CPU on the internet) or share the CPU with whoever you want.