GPU-L update 1.4.0: Corrections in the database

We have just launched the GPU-L 1.4.0 update where we have corrected a lot of errors in the database and also we have recalculated the GFlops of several GPUs belonging to the Nvidia Tesla architecture (not to be confused with Nvidia’s Tesla GPUs).

In addition we have added the GDDR5 variant of the Nvidia Geforce 920MX, 930MX and 940MX and we have added the 3GB variant of the Nvidia Geforce GTX1060 for laptops. We have also added the Nvidia Quadro M500M, being the entry-level GPU for Quadro M series mobile workstations.

Finally we added a new menu on the GPU spec screen that allows adding the GPU to favorites, copying the name of the GPU to the clipboard (useful if you want to search the GPU on the internet) or sharing the GPU with whomever you want.