CPU-L 2.0 now available

After many months of development, iJR Software announces that CPU-L 2.0 is now available on Google Play. In this update we have included many new features and some very interesting ones are:

  • Photos of CPUs: besides obtaining the specifications, you can see how the CPUs are. At the moment only available in 200 CPUs. Help us to increase the number of images by sending us a photo of your CPU by clicking here.
  • Upgradeable database: from CPU-L 2.0 it will no longer be necessary to update the application from Google Play to have the specifications of the latest CPUs, now they will simply be releasing updates that will instantly reach all of our users.
  • Enhanced Comparator: We have improved the comparator and now you can compare up to 10 CPUs at the same time. In addition we have included a new comparator “CPU vs CPU” for when you compare the specifications of 2 CPUs.
  • List of the latest CPUs added: do you want to know what are the latest and new developments in the market ?, now you can consult them in the list of last added CPUs.
  • Renewed interface: and last but not least, we have renewed the interface of the application to adapt it to the new times and at the same time we have improved the interaction with the user: now you can add CPUs to the comparator directly from the main screen or in the browser.

For more information and to download CPU-L, click here.